Stephen K. Shefrin PhotographyStephen Shefrin is considered one of the top wedding photographers in Phoenix, AZ.

Growing up, I remember thinking that being a photographer would be the coolest job, so I guess it isn’t surprising that later in life I got the “photography bug”. I first started taking photos seriously back in 1997 when I took a photography class in college. Immediately, I was hooked and became obsessed with photography. I took every photography class I could at the University of Portland and then after graduating, I went to the Brooks Institute of Photography to gain a better technical understanding of photography. I’m glad I did, it gave me the technical ability to accomplish the vision for any given idea in my head. I’ve been working professionally since leaving Brooks in 2003. I’ve tried almost every kind of photography pursuit. Surfers in Hawaii, commercial products, weddings, my own sometimes weird fine art, fashion, and portraits of all kinds of people. I always strive to make excellent work and love the opportunity to meet various kinds of people. I’ve been a full time photographer for the past 10 years. These days, I specialize in architecture, real estate, and commercial work which includes corporate work, business headshots, and automotive photography. Thanks for checking out my site and feel free to contact me.


Stephen Shefrin