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When it comes to ensuring a wedding runs smoothly, everyone involved in such a special event must be on top of their game, from the vicar and chauffeurs to the caterers. Last but not least, your chosen photographer needs to be full of energy and ideas if they’re to really capture the essence of the occasion and provide you with images you’ll love to show off for generations to come. If you are an amateur photographer who has been asked to photograph a friend’s wedding, it’s essential you’re aware of the best techniques to make your really shots ‘pop’ and give your work a professional finish.

Besides capturing each and every important event of the big day, this means working the camera to its optimum level. The best and often most effective way to do this is to ensure that you use an arsenal of different and exciting camera angles. Take a look at this short guide to the best camera angles to use for budding wedding photographers.

Conceptual angles

Angles can be multi-dimensional, meaning that they capture conceptual perspective and focus as well as geometry. Conceptual angles help the photographer tell the smaller stories going on within the bigger picture.

For example, during the wedding dinner speeches, the photographer can capture the reactions and emotions of the guests receiving the speech as well as the speaker giving it – this enables the whole story to be told.

Conceptual angles really do allow the photographer to capture the emotion of the whole day and not one single element. Try to incorporate conceptual angles into your portfolio by thinking to yourself, ‘how could i give this shot and this story more depth?’.

Juxtaposed angles

Other fantastic angles for photographers at weddings are those that show juxtaposition. These angles rely on the principle that it is not just what the subjects are doing in a photograph that makes it interesting, it is often what they are doing in the context of where they are.

For example, if the weather is poor outside, photograph your bride and groom next to the window as this shows a beautiful sight and a horrid sight in one elegant image.

To capture juxtaposed images at weddings you will constantly need to be thinking outside the box – there is no ‘wrong answer’ but you will need to ensure your compositions are well-balanced.

Wide angles

Wide angle shots are simply a match made in heaven when it comes to photographing intimate events like weddings. Wide angle photographs are achieved by using a wide angle lenses (typically a lens with a focal length less than 35mm) which exaggerates depth and relative size in a photo.

Wide angle lenses are perfect for wedding photography because they work well in confined spaces where you may not be able to step far enough away from your subject but still want to capture the entire subject in a single camera frame.

Opting to use a variety of angles to produce different and often much greater results is one of the best ways to capture a wedding day. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and wish you all the best using this advice at your next wedding shoot.

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