Wedding Photos: Kristianna & Philip

Kristianna and Philip Wedding Portraitsbackyard wedding bride and groom in open fieldBlack and white of photos of married couple kissingfamily grandpa and children at weddingbride and groom jumping on trampoline at backyard weddingI love shooting weddings for such sweet, down to earth people. This was my last wedding in Portland, Oregon before moving down to Tempe, Arizona and it was a nice note to finish on. It turned out be one of the hottest days of year and I definitely was feeling the heat. I felt really bad for Kristianna. She was wearing a layered dress and you could tell she was a little miserable, but she was a trooper. Both families seemed really tight and it was a pleasure being there. Everyone was so nice and feels to good to be able to shoot weddings for really nice people. Best of luck guys. Thanks, Stephen

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