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There can be few things more daunting and more humbling than being asked to be your best mate’s best man at his wedding and as I’ve got married and been a best man before then I can safely say that being a groom was the easy bit.

Of course, there are plenty of tried and tested methods of getting your mate hitched in style and if you’ve just been asked or you’ve got a feeling that wedding bells are just around the corner then read on and enjoy the ride.

Without further ado I’d like to share my top tips on getting your groom safely up the aisle and beyond. So, kick back and relax and pray to goodness that the next one’s not you!

Pre match nerves

No sooner have you had the call or the face to face chat and you’ll be starting to think less of the bride and groom and more about that all-important speech and ring-giving responsibility that are just about to take over your life. You’re not being selfish this is totally natural and just means that you want to get everything right and prove that you really are the best man for the job. Best advice is to pour all of your attention into getting prepared and organized in order to be completely ready. Try to remember that this is a fun event for friends and family and you’re not the most important part of this process just a helpful cog.

Getting organized

Best man’s duties can include all manner of things from suit fittings to sorting out the bridesmaids so make sure you know what’s expected of you before you put your plans into practice. Make a list of everything that needs to be done before and during the big day and then designate roles to ushers and other friends of the groom and bride. People like to be involved and the more you delegate then the more you’ll find that everyone pulling together always makes for a much more special and worthwhile event especially when you know that you’ve all accomplished success as a team.

How to outdo The Hangover

Stag dos are obviously one of the major parts of any groom’s build up to the big day and as the best man it’s usually your responsibility to get this bad boy organized and ensure you give the groom a night or weekend he’ll truly remember for all the right reasons. Although it maybe tempting to get him paralytic and surrounded by strippers it might not actually be all that fun. Take time out to plan a really great trip either at home or abroad as from adventures on tour through the USA to cycling through the mountains of Italy, do something unique and your groom (and bride) will be indebted forever.

What to do on the Big Day

When the big day finally dawns then it would be handy if you’re staying in the same accommodation as the groom. This is so you can tackle any last minute nerves and keep him on track until he finally ties that knot. Being on hand for any last minute hitches is the ideal way to get on top of what promises to be a long day and if you’ve got a well-written to do list as well as lots of friends and staff members who know what they’re supposed to be doing then things will always run a lot more smoothly.

Superb tips for the speech

So everything’s running like clockwork and you’ve just got through the meals, it’s time for the speeches. Now this can be as terrifying or enjoyable as you’re willing to make it but rest assured, if you’re drunk, there’s every chance that it will not go well. Keeping on top of your (and the groom’s) alcohol intake is one of your most important duties and although a couple of pints or glasses of wine will be great for soothing the nerves more will no doubt just add to your stress levels. Remember no one wants you to fail so use props, write down your speech, use an overhead projector or Powerpoint presentation and practice, practice, practice until you know it inside out.

When to make your move

Once the speech is over then it’s time to let your hair down and if you’ve had you eye on that lovely bridesmaid all day long then now’s the time to make your move. Of course, getting overly amorous and overly drunk are two sure fire ways to ruin your awesome reputation as a dashing best man so if you can manage to pull off the image for a couple of hours more then you’ll no doubt reap the benefits once the cake is cut and the last dance is well and truly over – good luck!

Chris loved his wedding more than going to the cup final and can’t wait for his best mate to get hitched so he can be best man and give him the stag do to end all stag dos.

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