Phoenix Wedding Photographers: Winter Wedding Ideas

Just because the temperature drops a bit at this time of year, it doesn’t mean that your dream outdoor wedding isn’t possible. Nature takes on some of its best and most majestic transformations during the autumn and winter months and so it could provide an idyllic backdrop to your amazing big day.

Of course, winter is not the traditional wedding season but not everything about a wedding need be traditional. There are many pros to having your celebration during this period and if you take some of the advice below you can be sure that your guests will have as much of a ball as you intend to.

Winter wedding

Inform Them Of Your Plans –

Although it’s often a nice idea to keep certain things about your ceremony and reception a secret so that they can be a nice surprise to the people attending the festivities; it’s best to inform them of the fact that the wedding will be outside. This way they can dress appropriately and will be able to enjoy themselves all the more.

Heart-Warming Offerings –

Another great way to ensure your guests don’t feel the cold on your big day is to offer up a few gifts that will keep them warm. Some baskets of scarves or shawls dotted around with signs encouraging people to help themselves will allow anybody who chose to dress for the occasion rather than the weather to keep the cold at bay and will provide a lovely touch. These will also be well received is a sunny day turns into an overcast blustery one.

Another idea for a heart-warming offering is to have hot drink stations dotted around so that people can make their own cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate whenever they like.

Marquees Make The Perfect Venue –

Although you may be tempted to stage the whole occasion out in the open, there is always an unpredictable element to the weather that means you cannot rely too much on it. Having a marquee will mean that there is somewhere for people to take cover should the heavens open and you will be able to party into the night without fear of getting too cold.

There are specialised heat-lamps that can be fitted inside your marquee to keep your guests nice and warm, whilst they attempt to generate their own heat through the medium of dance. If you still wish to make the most out of the beautiful landscape outside then why not consider windowed marquees, such as these.

Appeal To Their Stomachs –

We are all happier with a full stomach and, in the case of an outdoor winter wedding, your guests will be a lot warmer with a stomach full of hearty food. There are plenty of winter warmers that you could place on your menu but consider using ingredients that are in season at the moment. It is also a chance to be a bit inventive in an attempt to make more of an event out of the meal.

A great dessert to have, which will get your guests interacting with each other and will also warm their cockles, is a chocolate fondue complete with numerous items that can be dipped into the delicious melting pot.

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