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Organizing weddings is a huge business and there are plenty of trends involved when it comes to weddings. One of the most important parts of organising a great wedding is by having a great menu for the guests to enjoy.

As well as there being trends in the theme colours and wedding dress styles, there are also trends when it comes to selecting food and drinks. Here are four very trendy picks to keep in mind at the moment.Food at a Wedding

1. Lettuce Wraps And Champagne

Healthy options are really trendy at the moment and plenty of couples are opting for healthier versions of common favourites. For instance, instead of serving flour wraps at your wedding go for funky lettuce wraps instead. This is a nice option for spring and autumn weddings.

You should definitely combine the lettuce wrap with some proper bubbly. Champagne is a really nice option for a wedding menu and will be light enough to combine with lettuce wraps.

2. Fish Tacos And Beer

DIY buffets are also really fashionable at the moment and different oriental flavours are really showcased at wedding menus. There are plenty of fish options available and a fish taco bar is a really funky idea for your wedding.

It is great option throughout the year and gives your guests the ability to choose.

Combine the tacos together with some proper chilled beers. You should get a selection of beers to serve. This is a really nice food and drink combination to go with.

3. Hearty Meatballs And Wine

Meatballs might not sound like the sexiest of food choices to make for your wedding but they are a really trendy option at the moment. The good thing about meatballs is that you can make them different with little twists. You can add plenty of spices or even some cheese to make them a little bit different. It is also a stable food that both adults and children enjoy eating.

You should definitely combine meatballs together with quality vintage wine. Use a chart for checking wine vintages to make just the right selection for your wedding.

4. Ice Cream Van And Lemonade

Another big hit, especially for summer weddings, is hiring an ice cream van. This is a really quirky idea and will be really enjoyable way to have dessert. It is also a perfect choice to go with if you got a lot of kids attending the wedding.

You should include a big lemonade punch together with ice cream. This is a nice summery option and will be great refreshment. The Yummly website has plenty of amazing lemonade recipes to keep in mind.

The above four food and drink combinations work very well at a wedding. They are all especially trendy options to go with at the moment and will provide a nice taste experience for your guests.

Start thinking about the menu early enough and always test the foods with the catering company beforehand to avoid disappointment. You should also opt to use seasonal and local produce whenever possible.

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