Scottsdale Engagement Pictures: Why engagement sessions are a good idea

As a wedding photographer, I can’t recommend doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer enough. For myself, it gives me a low pressure environment to really get to know my clients and find out what they are comfortable doing and in what poses they look their best. There are some things that I really only notice until after the shoot. It’s much better to find these things out on an engagement session rather than on a wedding day. I can always reshoot an engagement session, although I’ve never had to. I find that many people are simply not comfortable having their picture taken. The engagement session builds a sense of trust and comfort before the wedding day. So when the wedding comes, you already know what to expect when taking your pictures and what you need to do to get them done faster. I’ve rarely photographed a wedding where there wasn’t some sort of time crunch during the day. Which brings up another point about why its so important to hire a professional wedding photographer for your big day if photos are important to you. A seasoned wedding photographer knows how to manage their time, being a great wedding photographer involves a lot more than being able to take a few cool photos. But I leave that to another article. So consider an engagement session, the worst that can happen is that you have some more photos of yourself.
Stephen Shefrin is a wedding, portrait, and commercial photographer based out of Phoenix / Scottsdale, Arizona.
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