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A wedding is a thing of beauty, when it’s done right. When it’s not, it can feel like a disaster, and we’ve all been to our share of bad weddings, and bad receptions. In order to ensure that your big day doesn’t fall into disarray, heed these 5 simple tips and you’re sure to have a fabulous wedding that all your guests will enjoy.

Respect Your Guests – Many brides have a tendency to get caught up thinking about how their wedding is all about them. While it is your day, don’t forget that you’re inviting your loved ones because you want to share your big day with them. This means figuring out if the date you’re planning on choosing works for your best friend, your parents, and you sister. If it doesn’t, pick a new one! You want people who are special to you to be there, so help make that possible for them. The more you keep other people in mind, the more willing they will be to help out, show up, and add to the greatness that is your wedding.

Pay Attention To Detail – Obsessing over what color the table clothes are may seem important, but on the day of there will be plenty of other details that prove way more important and catastrophic if not properly tended to. Think of things like bathrooms. Are there enough bathrooms at the location to meet the demands of your guest list? Is anyone in a wheelchair or handicapped? Do you have enough staff to pour drinks, pass food, and bus tables? Your caterer should know how to staff an event properly, but it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on the numbers. The more you pay attention to details that seem unimportant and mundane in the beginning of your planning, the better your wedding and reception will turn out.

It’s a Party! – Think of any good party you’ve ever been to. What impressed you? What made it special? Keeping your wedding and your reception unique is a great idea, just make sure you don’t veer too far from what works. Great parties and events of any kind have a natural, easy flow to them. Don’t make your guests figure out what to do, where to go, or what’s supposed to be happening. They are guests, after all. Have someone greet and direct guests when appropriate, don’t shy away from announcements, timeframes, and activities for guests to do during down time. No one wants to be bored at a wedding or a reception, so while you’re picking the perfect flower arrangement, spend some time thinking about ways to keep your guests engaged at all points of the day.

Budget From The Beginning – Everyone wants their wedding to be just like they also dreamed it would be. But, we don’t all have the money to make it happen. That’s OK. Think about the wedding you want, look at your actual budget, including your honeymoon, and get realistic. If you plan ahead and budget wisely, you don’t have to break your bank to have a beautiful ceremony and an awesome reception. You’ll enjoy your day more if you aren’t looking at every place setting and each guest with a plate of food as dollar sign. And your guests will feel more comfortable in a setting that they are familiar with. Keep it mellow, while allowing it to be elegant and everyone will have a great time. An insider tip: Getting married in Costa Rica can not only cost you less but also give you that south-of-france-wedding feeling.

Stay Positive – There will be bumps in the road. Some things won’t work out, it’s OK. Not everything will go exactly as planned, but your attitude can make or break the day for you and your partner. Let things roll of your back and you’ll end up having a great day, despite the cake being late, the band forgetting to play a song you requested, or your maid of honor spilling wine on her dress. At the end of the day, this is a celebration of love, not a beauty pageant or a competition. Don’t get caught up in the negatives and your guests won’t either. Keep on smiling and truly enjoying yourself and everyone else will follow suit.



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