Wedding Photographers in Phoenix | 7 classic sweets for your wedding

Sweet carts are becoming increasingly popular as a unique and fun feature of the modern wedding, as well as this, people are finding that the traditional chocolate favours are becoming somewhat tired and overdone. So in this guide we look at some of the must have sweets for a wedding that is looking for that little something that makes it unique.

7. Candy canes

Candy canes are super cute and fit in perfectly with the hot vintage theme; they come in hundreds of colour combinations, and the best thing? They’re sure to keep the children quiet for hours (well, a good few minutes in any case!) You could also consider getting personalised candy canes… what could be cuter?

6. Milk chocolate hearts

Let’s face it… who doesn’t like milk chocolate? And heart shaped milk chocolate hearts on a wedding day couldn’t be more fitting. These are sure to prove a hit with the less adventurous and those that aren’t too keen on sweets (yes, there are people out there that don’t like sweets… who knew!?).

5. Heart shaped lolly pops

Lolly pops have thankfully come back in a big way over the recent revival of retro and vintage themed weddings. For an extra touch why not have them decorated with you and your betrothed names? Or you could even go the whole hog and have a lolly pop personalised for each of your guests… now that’s far more fun than unexciting chocolate chunks or sugar coated almonds, right?

4. Sugar coated almonds

Ok, ok so we must admit, whilst not particularly exciting on their own, sugar coated almonds can make for a great addition to the sweet cart and today they come in all sorts of colours… from vivid pinks to jet blacks, no longer are we stuck with plain old white!

3. Flying saucers

Flying saucers filled with tangy sherbet are within most people’s top three sweets, and they can make for a fun sweet to liven up a table of more traditional sweets. Something advise is choosing the flying saucers that fit in with your colour scheme?

2. Colourful marshmallows

Marshmallows make for the perfect sweet to brighten up you sweet cart and tie in to your colour theme. You can now get marshmallows in all manner of colours and patterns, and because they’re cheap you can bulk out your sweet stock with them!

1. Love hearts (of course!)

Making for the obvious number one entry on our list we have love hearts; these cute sweets form cherished child hood memories for many and make for the perfect romantic wedding day sweet!

Hopefully you’ve got a few ideas as to what should feature on your sweet cart or in or your favours, and whatever you choose, you’re sure to impress with something a little different for your big day. Be warned however, leaving a sweet cart open to little hands may see the child guests on a hyper for the entire evening and beyond.