Wedding Photography Phoenix: 6 Cool Wedding Trends for 2014

Wedding photos like any sort of photo or for that matter anything related to weddings, change quite frequently and what was once in style is out of style. We see all sorts of new trends enter and disappear from the wedding photo world – so let’s take a look at some of the more notable of recent times.

Trash the Dress

We’re not completely sure what the psychological grounding behind the trash the dress phenomenon is, but we can surely make a calculated guess.

Trash the dress involves the bride destroying their wedding dress in any manner of ways you can think of. From throwing it off a cliff, to burning it into embers, to having it pulled apart by wild horses – trashing the dress is done in all sorts of creative ways. Perhaps it’s down to all those long hours, tears and all the worry that surrounds the dress and then it’s only worn once. We can only imagine how freeing an act like this is. However, one thing we do know for certain – it makes an amazing photo opportunity.

Morning After

This is a slightly sultrier than average form of wedding photography and has been well documented in recent times. Morning after photography is just that – it’s photography from the bride and groom’s suite of the morning afterwards – it’s as simple as that. It can be as tasteful or as sexy as you want it to be. From a refined English breakfast with Earl Grey and scones to shower scenes and garters – it’s what you want to make of it.

The Photobooth

Photo booths are a big part of the whole celebration scene and are especially popular at wedding receptions. The photo booths generally come with creative backdrops and allow guests to dress up in any range of weird and wonderful wacky gear for the instant images. Guests are given their own image via the print out and a digital copy is saved for the wedding couple to print out and keep later. Video messages can also be recorded and it can bring some fun and interesting photos into the mix.


One of the coolest trends we’ve seen has been the hiring of a master silhouette artist to make a wedding statement. It’s a stylish and amazing addition that’s sure to be recalled. The artist creates two copies of a guest silhouette in minutes and then these are given to the guest to keep and another is kept in a beautiful scrapbook for the couple to remember. It’s not wedding photography exactly, but it’s still pretty amazing.

Photo apps

This offers a quick recap of the day in question that allows the bride, groom, family and guests to see the images from the wedding. Photo sharing apps allow a live slideshow of all the images the guests have posted on it from throughout the day. These can be seen in real time as they’re added and it’s a big trend at the moment.

Vintage and Church

The vintage wedding and the church wedding have come to the fore this year and allow some truly fantastic images to be taken. Older churches and buildings can work brilliantly in images and there seem to be increasing numbers of couples opting for these sorts of images. There doesn’t seem to be as high of a correlation then choosing hot morning after photos for some reason though.

These fantastic photo styles and trends can work wonderfully with your wedding and really give it a unique and cool twist.

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