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The Perfect Wedding Plan

Congratulations, you’re getting hitched! The downside? Well, you’ve just got to plan the biggest celebration of your life. But before you panic about where to start, use this guide to get your head around the basics of planning a wedding.

Work out the Budget

It’s hardly sexy or romantic, but working out your budget first will help you decide whether you’ll be having a Beckham style wedding, or a simple affair in a church hall decked with bunting. Either way, it will be fabulous – you just need to work out what type of budget you have to work with.

Book the Ceremony Venue

Popular venues can be booked two years ahead, so before setting your heart on somewhere to tie the knot, be sure to check with them first. Obviously, the more time you have, the more likely you are to secure the venue you desire.

Make your Bookings

Making your bookings as far ahead as possible is advisable to secure exactly who and want you want for the big day. Cars, stylists, florists, photographers, and reception entertainment all need to be considered. Your honeymoon is also a part of your wedding you’ll need to decide on, and again, booking this early on is a good idea.

Compile the Guest List

Once you have a date and venue booked, you can start to compile the guest list. Ideally invitations should be ordered 4 months in advance, and sent at least 8 weeks before the wedding. Wedding planners sometimes advise adding a wedding gift list with your invitation, but if you feel this is rude you can send it separately. Although opinion is divided on wedding guest lists, they really are a good idea to save friends and relatives wasting their money on things you don’t need. After all, specifying the type of fine bone china you would prefer is far better than something you’ll be hiding in the cupboard! As most guests are happy to buy something for the newlyweds, then it’s far better for everyone that it’s money well spent.

Choose The Dress

The most important dress of your life can take a good while to track down, so leave ample time for this. If you have one made to order, this can take up to eight months, depending on how busy the dressmaker is. If money is an issue, don’t feel pressured to splash out on a new dress. You can always have an existing one altered to fit, or just wear a beautiful and unique outfit of your choice.

Pick or Order the Ring

Just make sure it fits properly!

Pick The Bridesmaids

Making sure your lovely girls are available for the day should be organized in good time, as they too will need suitable dresses or outfits.

The Rehearsal

As the day draws closer, you’ll feel reassured by running through a rehearsal. You’ll know where to go and where to stand, so don’t overlook this in your plans!

Enjoy the Day

It’s all yours, so enjoy it!


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