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The Emergency Kit Every Bride Needs on Her Wedding Day

Your wedding day is coming up quicker than imagined and of course you want everything to be perfect and go swimmingly. Let’s be honest, it never 100% does. Putting together a bridal emergency kit is a great way be prepared advance for almost anything, letting you relax and enjoy you special day. What may have been a disaster turns into a little hiccup as long as you stay prepared and organized.

To cover all your bases in Personal Hygiene, Beauty and Extras, I split the necessities up into three basic sections.

Personal Hygiene:

1.      Travel sized toothpaste

2.      Mouthwash

3.      Hand Sanitizer

4.      Razors – try to stay away from cheap disposable razors due to their proven reputation of cuts but don’t go overboard thinking you have to buy the best. Find a happy medium.

5.      Dental Floss

6.      Mints of your choice

7.      Tampons/Pads/Liners.

8.      Chap-stick

9.      Band-Aids

10.  Q-tips

11.  Cotton Balls

12.  Face Wipes

13.  Make-up Remover

14.  Tissues – Kleenex or your facial tissue of choice

15.  Tweezers

16.  Deodorant

17.  Body Lotion

18.  Eye cream

19.  Facial Moisturizer

20.  Baby Powder.


1.      Hair brush

2.      Hair comb

3.      Hair spray

4.      Hair gel

5.      Hair bands

6.      Bobby pins

7.      Nail Kit – which includes nail files, nail polish remover, nail clippers and clear nail polish

8.      Sewing kit and extra pins – push pins, safety pins, and floral pins.

9.      Mirror

10.  Ribbon – black or nude

11.  Extra underwear and socks – black, white or nude.

12.  Jewelry – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ring – pearls or diamonds (fake is fine too).

13.  Earring backs

14.  Heel protectors – for walking in heels in grass or sand, if having an outdoor wedding.

15.  Spare or roll up flats – in case someone breaks a shoe.

16.  Shoe pads

17.  Lint roller

18.  Chalk and/or tide pen for stains

19.  Dryer sheets – helps fix static.

20.  Binder clips – yes, this sounds like a weird one but help cinch dress if need be for photos.


1.      Water, juice, energy drinks.

2.      Snacks.

3.      Paper clips

4.      Small hot glue gun

5.      Rubber Bands

6.      Ear plugs

7.      Batteries and/or SD card

8.      Medicine – Benadryl, Allegra, Tylenol, Aleve etc

9.      Epi-pen or other daily meds.

10.  Blister Repair

11.  Highlighter, pens and white out

12.  Goo-be-gone – you just never know.

13.  Coat Check Numbers

14.  Vows – written copy just in case

15.  Disposable camera or extra digital camera

16.  Disposable cups, paper plates, napkins.

17.  Wire or wire hangers

18.  Portable fan

19.  Tape measure.

20.  Eyeglasses repair kit.


I know this feels like I just listed everything but the kitchen sink but when these three kits are put in large plastic Tupperware containers or baskets and are labeled, they can be a day saver. This is your wedding but unfortunately, reality reminds us that anything can happen and even the smallest hiccup can seem like a whale of a problem especially on your wedding day. Not everything has to be a disaster and now at least this way all you have to do is remember to breath, and reach for your emergency kit.

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This article was written by Rebecca Borchers. Growing up as the youngest of 4 sisters, Rebecca always got to see first hand the do’s and don’ts of life, including weddings. She has been a bridesmaid in more weddings than she can count and knows exactly how to tackle any problem that is inevitably thrown her way. When she isn’t busy planning weddings and helping out her sisters, Rebecca is a professional writer for Cloverlawn Butterflies, which specializes in wedding butterfly releases. You can read more of her work by visiting her Google+.

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