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While the bride may be the focus of the wedding day, the groom’s attire is important too! Not only is the groom a major part of pictures, standing center stage and taking the vows too, but he should be comfortable and enjoy his day as well.

  • Dress up the groom but don’t overshadow the bride
  • Find comfortable attire that can be worn all day
  • Choose a color that will look great for the cameras
  • Make sure the style, color and material of your clothing is appropriate for the location

Sometimes the groom’s fashion statement is forgotten in the mix of pulling together all of the details a destination wedding entails. There are so many great clothing options for men – it is a real shame when the groom gets slapped in a typical rented tux and thrown into the mix of dressed up guests and a stunning bride.

Comfortable Dress Clothes for the Groom

Lightweight and breathable fabrics will ensure that the groom doesn’t feel stuffy during the ceremony and reception. A lightweight linen or cotton fabric will keep your skin cooler and your mind on the important things.

Linen ShirtFine Breathable Linen
Linen is a traditional fabric; the oldest fabric known to mankind and made from a flax plant. This natural fabric is not only eco-friendly, but it is well-known for the exceptional freshness it provides in hot weather and tropical climates. It is a very strong, yet soft fabric. Because of its popularity worldwide, linen is a great fabric for an international destination and is seen everywhere as an attractive dress fabric. It has recently become a very popular among the younger crowd as well.

According to Fodor’s Travel tips, “According to some studies, a person wearing linen clothes perspires 1.5 times less than when dressed in cotton clothes and twice less than when dressed in viscose clothes.”

Soft Cotton
Cotton is another alternative for a lightweight garment. Lightweight and soft, cotton is often a casual dress material that allows comfort without sacrificing style. Cotton is much more breathable than silk or other dress materials that trap air and retain moisture.

Groom’s Attire: Beach Wedding

Most men do not wear tuxes to the beach – they will get ruined and are too stuffy to be comfortable. Instead, a beach wedding tends to be casual and comfortable, approaching style with a relaxed beauty. This effortless look shouldn’t look frumpy or sloppy; linen or cotton dress attire for the groom should be properly clean and pressed before the wedding.

Typically the groom will dress in light, airy colors that complement the bride’s dress color. An off-white or beige can be a popular beach wedding groom color, as well as soft stone grey or pale sky blue. Some beach couples even get married barefoot or in sunglasses, enjoying their location and all it has to offer on their special day.

Groom’s Attire: European Destination Wedding

Not all destination weddings are seeking out a beachfront for their ceremony. The romance of going somewhere refined and foreign might appeal to you much more than a tropical location. Linen is a universally accepted material and will look sharp on the groom for your European wedding. Traditionally, light-colored suits are worn in the morning, dark suits in the afternoon and a tux is worn for the evening wedding.

No matter where you plan to have your wedding, make sure the groom is dressed stylishly and comfortably so he can fully appreciate the day.

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