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Wedding receptions provide the opportunity for the family, close friends of the bride, and groom to celebrate the union of two people who love each other. Wedding receptions feature many things including toasts, music and sharing of accounts of how the guests met the bride and groom. For a memorable wedding reception, the family and friends of the bride and groom can perform skits about the couple that will leave everyone roaring with laughter.

How They Met

Every couple has a story that is recounted repeatedly about how they met. This may not be so interesting to people who have heard the story multiple times. However, you can tweak the story and add minor details to make it more amusing.

For couple who were high school sweethearts, you can include details such as the teenage lingo used at that time, the clothes they were wearing and their appearance at that time. Dress them up and provide a clear picture of their appearance with details like the presence of acne, glasses or braces. Include the fashion faux pas of the time they met.

Romantic Movies

If the couple have a story which is synonymous with wispy and romantic or romantic comedy movies, act out the scenes or use famous lines from romantic movies to perform a skit based on the couple’s history. You might consider changing the names for guests to understand what the performance is about.

An example of a romantic movie that can provide inspiration for a romantic skit is Rapunzel. This is fitting, especially if the bride and groom used to sneak out of their parents homes to see each other. Rewrite it to fit the bride and groom’s history.

Funny Childhood Events

This is a skit to be performed by the parents, siblings and childhood friends of the bride and groom. This skit should be structured in a timeline format and told from the viewpoint of the bride and groom’s parents. Of course, you can exaggerate the timeline.

Friends can perform skits about their childhood experiences with the bride and groom including skits about the times they got into trouble with the bride or groom and other situations they experienced together.

The Wedding Night

This skit is usually seen as a form of gift from the bridesmaids and the groomsmen to the bride and groom. It is normally performed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This skit involves acting out every event that led to the wedding night from the time the couple left the ceremony to them crossing the threshold. You can add an element of humour to the skit by having scenes of bird seed getting into the groom’s eyes as they leave the ceremony forcing the bride to carry the groom to the threshold because the groom cannot see.

Fun Things to Do at a Wedding Reception

First Dance

This is a tradition performed in most wedding receptions. Many people expect the first dance to be something traditional like a slow romantic dance. However, you can make it interesting by starting with a slow serious, romantic dance for a short period then busting into a funny, upbeat, choreographed dance. Consider dancing to a hip-hop or pop song. This is a chance for the couple to give a great show.

Grand Entrance

This is an important part of the wedding reception. It is a milestone in the history of the couples. The grand entrance is the point when the bride and groom are announced to their family and friends as Mr and Mrs so and so. Add an element of fun to the grand entrance. Perform a goofy dance routine with your spouse or just act out of character. The wedding party normally comes out first in couples before the couple is announced. You can include the wedding party in the comical grand entrance act. Some of the funny things you can do on the grand entrance include a leapfrog, break dance or piggyback rides. The grand entrance music should complement the performance.

Alison Jones is a wedding dress designer at Serendipity Bridalwear.  In her spare time she likes to blog about weddings and wedding planning tips.

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