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20% of most wedding budgets are blown on accessories and it’s unfortunate that 80% of these accessories are of no use after the wedding. Spending all that money on a one time affair seems to be a shame, so any opportunity you get to save on wedding accessories should be availed. However, many wedding couples end up waiting for a cheap option only to realize that that option was not worth the wait. In order to make things easier we’ve listed five things that will help you stretch your wedding budget further.

Colorful linens

When you’re in the process of drafting your wedding budget it should be all about prioritizing. Just pick one of the things that you really care about and discard all the rest. You’ll also want to spend your money on things that have a huge influence on the outcome of the theme, look and feel of the wedding. For instance, nobody cares if you have blue drapes but they will care if you have bad DJ. That said one of the most impactful investments you can make is on linens. White linens may be tradition but they do not look so great. However, White linens are expensive and boring, but colored linens are cheaper and add more life. You should avoid buying fancy linens and buy regular colored linens for around $100 a pack for 10 tables. As a rule of thumb blue has a more summertime feel while striped linens will add more depth to the event.

Reusing flowers

Yes, flowers are pretty expensive regardless of how you look at it. This is why we highly recommend that you reuse flower arrangements from your original ceremony at the reception. Speak to a few florists and browse online for a few creative ways to achieve this. If you have an altar piece then these can be used on the cake table or even the sweetheart table.

One suggestion would be to rest a few pillars and then use the table centerpieces also as alter pieces. Since, the bridesmaids do not always want to carry around the bouquets you’ve given them once the ceremony is over, and the pictures have been taken, arrange for a few vases and arrange the flowers at the tables in the vases. This will save you from spending another $200 on reception flowers and decorations.

The groomsmen suits and bridesmaid’s dresses

Even though you may want that your best friends wear the best wedding dresses but it’s going to drain your wallet pretty quickly. Out of all the wedding accessories you can spend on, attire happens to be the most expensive, consider the fact that even a rented tux which is not that good will cost you $200 per person. A better way to work around this would be to ask everyone to bring along their own suits. Many people will buy a cheap suit for $200 and be glad to reuse it at other events too. Bridesmaids are better of renting their suits mainly because bridesmaid’s dresses are not too impressive or brilliant to begin with. Plus they are cheaper to rent than buy.

Purchase used wedding accessories

If you are one of those couples who wants to recover a bit of money from what they have spent on the best wedding accessories then start by taking advantage of other people’s efforts. There are websites and blogs like OnceWed, LayerCake, Tradesy, Project Wedding etc. that sell readymade dresses and décor. These are available for a fraction of the cost and once you are done with it simply resell everything on these sites.

DIY is not always a good idea

Modern Wedding suggests that people shouldn’t try and DIY everything, things like crafting décor and jewelry should be left to the professionals. Unless you have lots of creative talent and creative friends to help you out, it’s a waste of precious time. It is also a bad idea to start on any DIY wedding projects just a few months prior to the wedding regardless of how creative you may be. If you want to try your hand at making jewelry, decorations or even table cloths start a year in advance, that way if you fail at least you can buy something used just in time and still save money.

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